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A promotional page for the
Rhythm Rounds round dance club
in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
We teach and enjoy
Choreographed Ballroom Dancing
known as “Round Dancing.”


Round dancing couple
in the Okanagan Valley.



Halina Centre, Vernon
Go have lots of fun!

Join Sunday lessons

to learn the easy waltz

1:00 to 2:30 pm.

Newcomers welcome

Sept. 22 & 29, 2019.

Just drop in.

No previous dance

experience is necessary.

Nominal admission fee.

In the round dance,

you listen and move

to live cues

from a "cuer."

You're directed

through each step in a

choreographed routine

set to a particular

piece of music.

The dancers progress

as couples around the

dance floor in a counter-

clockwise direction.


Round dancing is an

attractive option for men

who don't like to lead

on the dance floor.


After learning the waltz

you'll progress to enjoy many

different rhythms such

as the two-step & cha cha.

Casual attire is welcomed.

Low heel, well-fitted soft-soled

shoes recommended.

 Please bring a partner.

Woman/woman partnering

is welcomed.

Free coffee & tea provided.


We utilize a teaching method

that makes the learning

process easy with lots of

patience and review.

Call or e-mail to express

your interest!


Peter & Stella Tennant, Cuer-teachers
Combined experience
exceeding 43 years
Taught over 20 years
Halina Seniors Centre, Vernon, B.C.
Halina Centre, Vernon,
3310 - 37th Avenue.
Click here for a map
Peter & Stella
cell: 250-306-4999








What's it about?

Although you learn and dance true

ballroom steps, nobody has to "lead"

because each step is prompted by

a "cuer" over the microphone.

Since each dance is choreographed

to a particular piece of music,

the dancers move in unison

counter-clockwise around

the dance floor.

The music is wide & varied to

some of the greatest tunes!


The Fun, Weekly

Round Dance Schedule

The Rhythm Rounds dance club

includes members who have

completed their new dancer

sessions and progressed

to additional instruction

learning steps or cues

classified into "phases."

Each week, our schedule

will be as follows with

each session 1 1/2 hrs.:

1:00 to 2:30 pm
New round dancers
2:45 to 4:15 pm
Dance & Learn:
Easy 2-Step & Waltz
at the Phase II level
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Phase III and III+
to various rhythms
for advanced dancers


Special offer:

$10 per dancer but

enjoy a lower rate

of only $7 by taking

out a membership or

Associate membership

(for those under 50 yrs.)

in the Halina

Seniors Society.



A Fee Bonus

for accomplished

round dancers:

Pay for one session

each week and

attend a second free!


For more information

about the sessions, contact:

Peter & Stella Tennant,

Instructors/Club Leaders/Cuers

250-542-3568, mobile: 250-306-4999




Thanks for your support,

dancers, back in February 2016

at the two weekend Workshops

and the evening round dance!


The Okanagan Square & Round Dance

Association sponsored the events

for accomplished round dancers 

at West Kelowna.


The Sat. Feb. 20 workshop attracted

17 dancers to refine their knowledge

of the rumba & cha cha.


The Sat. Feb. 27 event drew

another 17 dancers to workshop

the waltz and foxtrot.

That day's evening round dance

saw 11 dancers enjoy themselves.


It was great to see dancers in

attendance from Penticton, Kelowna,

Vernon, Salmon Arm, Blind Bay

and Merritt. Thanks for coming!


We hope that you

took a questionnaire about the

workshops because we invite

you to share your valuable input.


The sponsoring Okanagan Square

& Round Dance Association

expressed its gratitude

to the workshop instructors, 

Peter & Stella Tennant

of Vernon, cuers/teachers

and Roundalab members.


Future workshops

are in-the-planning!



See our newspaper article!

Our club & the 2016 year's new sessions

of instruction were featured back on

Sun. Jan. 3 of 2016, page A-23, in

the Vernon Morning Star newspaper.

See it online! Just click here & advance

using the right arrow to page A-23.




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Round Dancing Described

Does One Partner Have to Lead the Other?

Are Round Dance Steps Like Ballroom Steps?

How Challenging is Round Dancing?

What Dancewear is Suggested?

What Is Round Dancing's Place in the Dance Scene?

Are There Groups Dedicated Only to Round Dancing?

Are There Educational Pages for Round Dancing?

About the Instructors/Club Leaders/Cuers

Contact Information


Round Dancing Described

The round dance is done as couples in a large

circle of dancers moving counter-clockwise

in unison around the dance floor.

It's based upon choreographed ballroom dancing.

A "cuer," following the rhythm of the music,

presents all the steps over a p.a. system.

Many music styles are featured, including popular

music. Two-steps and waltzes are a couple of

the ballroom styles often taught first.

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Does One Partner Have to Lead the Other?

There is no need for one person to lead the other.

In learning the traditional ballroom dance,

many men struggle with the role of

"leading" their partner free-style

around the dance floor.

In choreographed ballroom,

a.k.a. round dancing, each of the

partners learns the steps and those

are identified and cued from the

man's perspective. His partner

simply learns the reverse action.

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Are Round Dance Steps Like Ballroom Steps?

Round dance steps are the same as those

enjoyed in ballroom dancing, such as

the two-step, waltz, rumba and cha-cha.

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How Challenging is Round Dancing?

The level of challenge that you undertake, as a

round dancer, is up to you and largely based

upon the time that you can devote to learning.

The cues are grouped into levels & called "phases."

Phases I and II are an easy-level while

Phases III and above present more challenge.

Those persons with the time to devote to

increasing their knowledge can learn

up to Phase VI.

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Burnaby Family Enjoying Round Dancing
A family from Burnaby enjoying

a round dance at the annual August
Penticton Peachfest Square Dance Festival

What Dancewear is Suggested?

Many of the women who enjoy round dancing

like to dress in traditional square-dance style,

including the crinoline underskirt.

Many others, though, like the comfortable,

dressy-casual look.

Without a crinoline, such dresses should be

longer because of the twirling action

on the dance floor.

A long-sleeved shirt and long pants are

suggested for the men.

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What Is Round Dancing's Place

in the Dance Scene?

Round dancing can be enjoyed

on its own as a unique dance form.

It's notable, though, that the round dance

has been a companion dance for

square dancers for a considerable time.

One or two round dances generally follow

a couple of square dances throughout a

square dance program. It's optional for the

square dancer whether they wish to participate

in the round dance. The "entertainers" at such

a dance are the square dance caller and the

round dance cuer. Sometimes, the entertainer is

able to lead both dance styles by calling and cueing.

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Are There Groups Dedicated Only to Round Dancing?

The round dance has enjoyed such popularity that

non-profit dance clubs and leader-run groups

exist that only do round dancing.

In the Okanagan Valley, there's the Rhythm Rounds

in Vernon and the R & R Rounders in Penticton.

Others exist in Kamloops and the Shuswap region.

Round dance clubs are plentiful on Vancouver Island.

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Are There Educational Pages for Round Dancing?

The North American dance community has a very

convenient service dedicated to educating the

public. Through various videos, they detail round

dancing, square dancing and

contra dancing, which is a heritage dance form

that engages facing lines of dancers.

That service is called "You 2 Can Dance" and

it's made available by the International

Alliance for Round, Traditional and

Square-Dance (ARTS).

Click here to see

their round dance video on YouTube.

If you're interested

in the square dance component,

click here.


Also relative to square and round dancing in B.C.

is a promotional page about the dance forms

where a comprehensive list is available

identifying new dancer sessions around

the province, including clog dancing in

some cities. The page is presented by the non-

profit B.C. Square & Round Dance Federation.



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Peter & Stella Tennant,
Round Dance Cuer-teacher/entertainers
& club leaders


About the Instructors/Club Leaders/Cuers

Peter and Stella Tennant of Vernon have

been round dance leaders for about 21 years.

They've been very active over those years

in the Okanagan dance community.

They've also shared their talents at many

Dance Festivals and Conventions.

In February, 2016, at West Kelowna, 

they conducted a couple of

fun and successful upgrading sessions

over two separate weekends

for the Valley's regional dance

organization, the Okanagan  Square and

Round Dance Association.


The workshops were for round dancers

accomplished in the higher phases of the

activity such as Phase III and above.

It all culminated in a Saturday night

just-for-fun round dance party.


The Tennants
Round Dancing

in Kelowna
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     Contact Information:

Peter & Stella Tennant,

Instructors/Club Leaders/Cuers

250-542-3568, mobile: 250-306-4999


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